WordPress Development

I specialize in crafting WordPress websites tailored to a diverse range of clients, from small businesses and charities to non-profit organizations. WordPress development is the core of our daily work

Custom WordPress Theme Development.

Regardless of your site’s size, I build all my WordPress sites on a unique theme I’ve developed over the past five years. This theme serves as the foundation for all my projects.

Unlike off-the-shelf themes or other starter frameworks, my theme is incredibly streamlined. It contains only the essential code necessary to create a functional WordPress site.

This means it’s lightweight and incredibly flexible. I add code only when it’s required to meet your specific needs – no unnecessary bloat or reliance on excessive JavaScript or CSS.

Every site I work on is custom-crafted from the ground up, ensuring it meets your exact requirements. You don’t need to know HTML or styling content; you can focus on adding your content, and the theme handles the rest.

Any WordPress site manager knows that overly complex WordPress sites can be frustrating to use and maintain. Some developers create needlessly complicated or counterintuitive processes for even the simplest content updates.

Once I’ve completed the project, the site is entirely yours.

In line with the open-source ethos of WordPress, I follow the same principles.

WordPress is open-source, so I don’t own it.

Once you’ve settled my invoices, the website is 100% yours – I have no claim to the code, and I don’t insert anything that would require you to seek my assistance.

The WordPress sites I create are fully editable.

This extends beyond just text content and includes menus, templates, logos, header and footer content, galleries, and more.

Even the code itself is accessible, so if you ever wish to experiment or make adjustments, you have the freedom to do so.

Moreover, I maintain clean and easily understandable code to ensure that if you ever decide to have someone else work on your site, they can pick it up and continue seamlessly.”

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